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Listed Property Show, London, 20 & 21 February 2016

The Listed Property Show was launched in response to the requests of our members of the Listed Property Owners Club, who wanted to have meaningful conversations
with suppliers of products and services suitable for Grade I and Grade II listed properties
These events have become some of Keymer busiest of the year, especially the Olympia show.
London show was fantastic, it was very busy on both days, but Saturday was unbelievable, constantly non-stop talking to potential clients, Architects and other exhibitors
who was passing work our way. We also had a whole group of people interested in coming to the Ewhurst CPD days, from the Architect exhibiting, to visiting Architects
and Conservation people; and including Historic England, Society for Protection of Ancient Building ( SPAB ).
The number of visitors in London is impressive: over 7 500 visitors!

Thank you. We have received your request for samples. We hope to have these with you as soon as possible.

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